Zucchini: World Traveler

A summer squash with a defined nutritional profile, Zucchini is just as likely to be found at your local farmer’s market and on a menu halfway across the planet. Here are a few unexpected ways to serve zucchini, inspired by cuisines both domestic and abroad.

  • We don’t need to tell you that fried zucchini is fantastic, but have you ever considered frying the flowers? When included in a tempura, the blossoms become a salty, crunchy delicacy.
    • Looking for other uses for zucchini blossoms? They’re a common filling in Mexican cuisine, specifically quesadillas!
  • Seeking some middle eastern flair? For an approachable and addictive appetizer, try making mücver, a Turkish dish similar to fritters. Mainly consisting of shredded zucchini, eggs, flour, and a variety of spices, mücver pairs well with yogurt-based dipping sauces.
  • A side dish that’s just as popular in backyard bbq’s and fine dining, grilled zucchini can be specialized to your heart’s desire. We recommend pairing with lemon and garlic for a balanced flavor profile.
  • For the gluten-sensitive customer, spiraled zucchini noodles are a fantastic way to offer an inclusive pasta dish on your menu.
  • Key to the French dish ratatouille, the delicate flavor of zucchini really shines in the slow cooking approach ratatouille requires. Even better, this stew is becoming more recognizable in the states, making it a great entry point for customers looking to step into the rich history of French cuisine.