Zucchini: Heaping Serving Of Health Benefits

Everything tastes better when you know it’s good for you. Zucchini, the little green summer squash, is jam-packed with health benefits that you might not expect. A great inclusion on health-conscious menus or healthcare kitchens, let zucchini find its way onto your plate. Here’s how it can benefit your health the most.

Weight Loss 

Zucchini has a high water content, making it very low in calories, with a medium-sized zucchini typically containing 33 calories. The high water content also makes it very filling, so it’s a good substitute for starchy foods.

Nutrient Rich

Zucchini is one of the best sources of natural dietary fiber amongst all produce. On top of that, its full of vitamin C and manganese, the latter of which promotes bone and joint health.

Good For Men And Women 

Zucchini is popular with pregnant women for its high level of folate. This is key for healthy fetal development during the early stages of pregnancy. When combined with other phytonutrient foods, zucchini can be extremely beneficial in promoting prostate health in men.

Perfect Prep

 When picking your zucchini, be sure to choose the smaller ones, as they are richer in nutrients and have supreme taste. Additionally, consider salting your zucchini before cooking, as that will help remove excess water.