Wok This Way: Snow Peas And Asian Cuisine

Though their origins can be traced back to 19th century England, snow peas are famously beloved in Asian culture. The flat, long bean is grown more for its pod rather than the peas inside, offering a mellow, chewy, vegetable alternative. While Chinese cuisine is most often associated with snow peas, there are a variety of other countries that cook with the translucent pods. From ramen to stir-fry, here are five of our favorite asian-inspired snow pea dishes.

Snow Pea Ramen

Snow peas are often swapped out for snap peas in Japanese ramen or udon bowls. Those looking for a vegetarian take on the long-standing comfort food should consider pairing snow peas with a homemade vegetable stock of garlic, onion, and mushrooms. This dish can be made 100% vegan if you swap out the traditional soft-boiled egg, but we enjoy including it to get a mixture of textures. Additionally, you can use udon noodles instead if you’re so inclined, but we’d recommend blanching your snow peas before adding them to the finished product either way.

Wok-Fried Beef and Snow Peas

Give your traditional stir-fry some oomph by pairing marinated rib eye beef with sautéed snow peas. By keeping the peas whole and then throwing them into your wok with traditional stir-fry vegetables, you’ll be able to get crunchier, seasoned snow peas. This stir-fry is exceptional on top of a bowl of rice, but health-conscious chefs should try serving over quinoa.

  • Pro Tip: Once you have all your ingredients in the wok, use any leftover marinade to further coat the vegetables!

Snow Pea Sushi

For a different take on a Japanese classic, try pairing snow peas with a sweet tuna like albacore or bluefin. Be aware that the latter is generally more expensive, so consider swapping out for toro if bluefin isn’t in your budget. Snow peas have a great complementary texture to sweet tuna, but be sure to blanch them beforehand to maintain their color.

  • Pro Tip: Always dry your snow peas off before adding them to your sushi, or you’ll end up with a wet pile of rice.

Garlic Snow Peas

Let your snow peas steal the spotlight by serving them as an appetizer! We love adding sesame seeds and minced garlic to sautéed snow peas and plating them with a side of soy sauce. This dish is quick and easy and require very little prep. If you’d rather serve it alongside a main course, know that it pairs wonderfully with light meats like chicken and fish!

Snow Pea Stir Fry

Invite the relatives over for dinner and combine snow peas and snap peas into a vegetarian stir fry. Snap peas are actually a descendant of snow peas, but offer a crunchier texture and sweeter flavor. Luckily, they have similar cook times, so feel free to cook them together. With this dish, we’d recommend including the stir-fry standard bearers (mushrooms, onions, garlic) as well as cashews for extra texture. This dish pairs well with a variety of sauces, but we’d recommend something with a little heat like Sambal or Sriracha.