Wild Scallions: 4 Cooking Methods To Try

Scallions are underrated. Once reserved to mere garnish status, the versatile vegetable excels in its subtlety; there’s no better option for a dish that only requires a hint of onion flavor. Better yet, the bulbs and tops have different flavor profiles, so it’s like having two secret weapons in one convenient package! Try these cooking methods out to see why we’re scallion superfans.


Since scallions are one of the top-dogs of Asian cuisine, it only makes sense that they’d be fantastic stir-fried. Feel free to include the entire scallion in your stir fry to limit waste, as they’ll both hold up during the process. We recommend pairing with other Asian favorites like mushrooms and Japanese eggplant for an authentic dish.

  • Pro Tip: See some scallion dishes from Asia and beyond here.


Walking that perfect sweet/savory balance in baked goods can be tricky. Luckily, scallions have your back. They’re light enough to not overpower your dish, but still bring a savory quality that works particularly well in breads and stuffing.

  • Pro Tip: Even if you’re not baking, scallions are excellent in the oven. If you prize crunch, cook on high heat. For a mellower approach, cook slow and low.


Braising isn’t just for meat anymore. By braising whole scallions, you can unify the onion flavor of the greens with the sweeter bulbs into one deliciously balanced final product. If you want to spotlight your scallions, this is a great option, although it still shines when served alongside a larger dish.


Trim a little bit off your spice budget and use dehydrated scallions to create your own onion powder! Although this may seem like a daunting or time-consuming process, it’s a lot simpler than you think! First, cook chopped scallions on the grill, and then cook in the oven at the lowest temperature (around 125℉) for 4-5 hours. Afterwards, blast your scallions in a food processor until they reach your desired consistency and voila!

  • Pro Tip: Keep some of the greener dehydrated pieces on hand to use whenever you don’t have scallions in your kitchen.