What To Do With Beet Greens

Even if you’ve been using the red root veggie for years, you still might ask yourself “what the heck am I supposed to do with these greens?” Stop filling up the compost bin and start utilizing the sweet, nutritious goodness of beet greens with these ideas.

Slide inTo A Salad

Beetroot is already a popular salad ingredient, so why not take things up a notch by incorporating beet greens? The greens share a similar flavor profile to Swiss chard and spinach but have a lingering sweetness that cuts through bitter flavors. In terms of toppings, try working with tangy cheeses like feta or ricotta, citrus, and fall apples!

Sashay and Sautee 

Similar to spinach and Swiss chard, beet greens excel when exposed to a little heat. For a simple side dish, try sautéing your greens with a bit of garlic, lemon juice, and pepper! If sautéed quickly (think 5 minutes or less) your greens will retain their bright green color and gain a delicate tenderness. 

  • Pro Tip: As a general rule of thumb, you can treat beet greens the same way you would spinach when cooking. 

Lend A Hand

If you find yourself overusing a specific leafy green or want to offer an alternative take on one of your dishes, consider substituting beet greens! Although you can theoretically swap out beet greens for any leafy green, we find that they work best when used in spinach, bok choy, or Swiss chard dishes because of their slightly bitter sweetness and crisp texture. 

Snack Attack

Take inspiration from kale chips and roast your beet greens to create a healthy, crunchy snack! For best results, thoroughly wash and dry your greens and then cook at 350℉ for 25-30 minutes.

  • Pro Tip: Beet greens are grassier than kale, so don’t be afraid to generously season before roasting. 

Stem From Greatness

Why stop at the leaves and root when you can use the entire veggie? Beet stems are perfectly edible and totally underrated; they can be added to smoothies, sautéed, roasted, or even pickled!   

  • Pro Tip: Remove the stems from the root before storing to extend the life of your beet.