What Can I Make With Feijoas?

Even for the most seasoned chef, feijoas can be a bit of a mystery. What do you do with a fruit that tastes a little bit like pineapple, guava, and strawberries all at once? If you answered “add it anything and absolutely everything”, you’re on the right track. Follow along to see the power of the little green wonder firsthand.


Feijoas peak in both the spring and the fall, giving chefs the opportunity to use it in all sorts of seasonal salads. Those who are fond of light, springtime flavors can find great success by pairing it with citrus, goat cheese, or arugula while chefs looking for an autumnal delight can work with pomegranates, toasted walnuts, and a balsamic vinaigrette. Whatever route you decide to take, be sure to add ingredients that compliment the sweetness of feijoas.  


Although feijoas are native to South America, they’re both grown and used in France! Take a little inspiration from the culinary capital of the world by adding some to a French galette.  Literally translated as “flat cake,” galettes are commonly filled with different fruits, so you can substitute in feijoas with little effort. Pair with strawberries or pineapples for an enhanced flavor profile. 


Tropical fruits are one of the ultimate cocktail ingredients and luckily, feijoas are no exception. In fact, feijoas are closely related to guavas, which pop up in some of our favorite tiki drinks! To start, try adding feijoas to mai tais, daiquiris, or piña coladas.

  • Pro Tip: Muddle feijoa slices into your cocktail for an extra layer of color!


We love feijoa jam because it takes an already flexible fruit and knocks its versatility into the stratosphere. Feijoa jam can be added to dishes throughout the day (muffins and ice cream, we’re looking at you) but better yet, its long shelf-life can help you enjoy the feijoas all year round!

  • Pro Tip: For best results, peel your feijoas beforehand. 


Start your morning off with some sweetness by incorporating feijoa pieces into freshly baked muffins! The fruit is renown for its delicate texture, which can help keep your muffins nice and soft. Make sure to lean into complimentary spices like cinnamon or nutmeg for a seasonal treat. 

Ice Cream

Tropical ice cream is the best ice cream (don’t hate us, chocolate lovers), but things can get old if you only stick with everyday standbys. Bring the one of a kind flavor of feijoas to your next ice cream for a tropical treat that’s both familiar and complex! It’s important to note that feijoas are fairly sweet, so we’d recommend adding in some lemon juice to offset the sugar with a little tartness. Finish it off by mixing in fresh feijoa slices and top with fresh whipped cream.

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