Wear A Crown: Pineapple’s Culinary Reign

The iconic, popular flavor of pineapple is a true treasure in tropical cuisine. While many may think of using pineapple in smoothies or serving it on its own, this special fruit can do a lot of heavy lifting when used in other culinary realms. So kick back, relax, and let these tips take your taste buds on an island vacation.

Spice it up: For a sweet twist in pico de gallo or other salsas, try adding pineapple juice into the mixture! This will cut the heat while simultaneously bringing a syrupy sweetness. For added texture, consider including the meat.

Stay Cheesy: A southern favorite, pineapple cheese balls are a nice way to spice up a traditional cheese plate. Simply match the amount of cream cheese with crushed pineapple, and add in savory vegetables like bell pepper for texture. Quick to prep and serve, this is a great dish to have in your back pocket.

Travel Abroad: Though generally associated with Hawaii, pineapples are commonly consumed in Southeast Asia. If you’re seeking a healthy, Asian inspired dish, pair fried squid with generous amounts of pineapple and roasted garlic. To bring another layer to this dish, try grilling the pineapple!

Beat It: Pineapples are filled with an enzyme known as Bromelain that is key in tenderizing meat. By using a pineapple juice infused marinade, your meat will not only have a ton of flavor but will also be perfectly tender.