Use Your Melon: 5 Smart Honeydew Dishes

The late season melon doesn’t deserve its second fiddle status. When prepared and served properly, honeydews have a juicy, sublime sweetness that can compete with any other melon. We don’t believe that they should be exiled to live on fruit platters for eternity, so feel free to use these dishes as a jumping off point for your masterpiece.

Honeydew Mousse

French food isn’t famous for nothing. Whether you’re serving it on its own or using it in various baked goods, mousse is a delectable treat. Adding a honeydew puree to your mousse can really up the sweetness without overpowering your mousse.

  • Pro Tip: Use up all your summer melons by adding watermelon and cantaloupe to your mousse! Stacking three separate mousses creates a beautiful, multi-tiered finished product.

Honeydew Salad

No, we don’t mean fruit salads. The green melon actually pairs well with heartier, cool weather greens like kale and arugula. The latter plays particularly well with honeydew, as its peppery, nutty flavor offers a great contrast.

  • Pro Tip: Add a dash of salt and pepper to maximize flavor.

Honeydew Gazpacho

Gazpacho practically screams sophistication. The historic Spanish dish is traditionally served in the summer, perfectly lining up with honeydew’s peak season. In our gazpacho, we like to lean into the cool flavors while still maintaining a spicy, Spanish undercurrent. To achieve this, try mixing cucumbers with spicy peppers like jalapeños.

Honeydew Granita

Even before bringing in honeydews unmistakable flavors, granita is a showstopper. The Italian favorite differs in texture then sorbet or ice cream, offering a coarser texture than most frozen treats. Citrus is a perfect partner to honeydew, so don’t forget to fresh orange juice and lemon to your granita base.

Honeydew Salsa

Extra spice feels nice. Bring a refreshing sweetness to your next salsa by including small portions of diced honeydew. It’ll up your presentation game too, bringing a beautiful range colors depending on your chosen ingredients. While you can serve this as a side dish, it also works great when added to grilled meat like chicken and fish!