Turnip For What: Tips and Tricks

Get the (dinner) party started with the eternally underrated root vegetable. Turnips are consumed on every continent outside of Antartica, but have a particularly strong connection to the cold weather regions of Europe. With such a wide well of inspiration to draw from, it’s easy to turn up the volume on boring dishes with the help of turnips. Start the night off right with these integral tips.

  • The smaller the turnip, the sweeter the flavor. Avoid the temptation to maximize your output with a large turnip; the overall quality of your dish will suffer for it.
  • Turnips vary in color, so the exterior hue isn’t necessarily a good indicator of ripeness. Instead, seek out turnips with unblemished, smooth skin.
  • If you’re purchasing your turnips from a farmer’s market, it’s integral to remove the greens as soon as possible, as they’ll continuously pull moisture from the root if attached.
  • Like most root vegetables, turnips have a fantastic shelf life. If stored in a loose container in your refrigerator, they can last up to a month. On the other hand, be sure to serve turnip greens quickly, as they’ll typically only last a few days before spoiling.
  • While the root may hog the spotlight, turnip greens are no second fiddle. They’re nutrient rich and low in calories, plus they’re hearty enough to be served cooked or raw! If you’re looking to cook root-to-stem, turnips are a phenomenal option.
  • Let your mind run free when serving turnips. They can be roasted, thrown into a salad, or even added to a “green” juice!