Tugging At The Heartstrings: Tips For Tasty Roasted Artichoke Hearts

One of the most iconic vegetables to come out of California, the artichoke is a jack of all trades, but a perfectly roasted artichoke heart is the queen of our hearts. Artichoke hearts can boost the flavor profile of your dish rather quickly, especially if you store, season, and roast them properly beforehand. Get prepared to make a dish that will win the hearts of your customers with these tips for tasty roasted artichoke hearts.

Selection and Storage

The quality of your dish starts from the moment you reach for your artichoke. To select premium ones, look for specimens that feel heavy for their size and have leaves that tightly hug the center of the artichoke. While you can come across different colored varieties, it’s usually a safe bet to choose ones that have a dark green hue. Additionally, it’s best to use artichokes as quickly as possible, but if you need to store them long term, they should last up to a week wrapped in the refrigerator.

  • Pro Tip: Looking for a second opinion on freshness? Press the leaves together! If they have a slight squeaking sound, you’re good to go.


You’ll have to put in a bit of effort to reach the heart of your artichoke. First, you’ll need to break off the outer leaves of the artichoke and then slowly trim off the skin and stems. Then, chop off a small portion from the top until you’re only left with yellow leaves. From here, you’ll need to remove the choke (the purple section) before you’re fully set.

  • Pro Tip: Artichokes brown fairly quickly once cut, so consider rubbing some fresh lemon juice on your artichokes when you’re finished prepping.

To Marinade or Not To Marinade?

If you’re looking to prep a bunch of artichokes at once, marinading them can be beneficial in the long run. Soaking them in a vinegar mixture not only extends the life of your artichokes, but it also makes them readily available whenever you need them in the kitchen. If you plan on going the marination route, be sure to add solid amounts of red pepper flakes, garlic, and fresh herbs to push towards a balanced savory flavor.

The Roastess With The Mostest

Whether you decide to go the marination route or not, it’s important to coat your artichoke hearts in olive oil before roasting to keep them from sticking to the pan. The key to roasting is to keep the heat and the time high; we’d recommend sticking around 475℉ for 20-25 minutes. Avoid the temptation of flipping often too; you’re better off only tossing occasionally as it will help the artichokes cook evenly. With proper patience, you’ll be rewarded with a crispy finished product. 

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Carefully selected partners can drastically improve the flavor profile of your roasted artichoke hearts. We’d recommend leaning towards the mediterranean roots of artichoke hearts by adding garlic, oregano, parsley, and sharp Italian cheeses like parmesan. For an added bonus, try melting parmesan on top of the artichokes by adding it at the end of the roasting process!