Sun Drenched Fruits To Use This Summer

Summer is the primetime for fruit. From bountiful berries to cooling melons, tons of different fruits reach their prime once the days get long. Brighten up your summer plates by incorporating these seasonal beauties onto your menu.


 Perhaps moreso then other fruits, watermelons are directly associated with summer. Though the season extends far into the fall, the red melon actively hydrates you during the summer months while still offering solid nutritional benefits. Beyond being served solo, watermelons make solid additions to craft cocktails and desserts. 

  • Seasonality: April-December
  • Favorite Varieties: Crimson Sweet, Jubilee, Pixie
  • Try Cooking: Watermelon sorbet & watermelon margaritas


Often regarded as one of the tastiest fruits of them all, mangoes are aromatic, versatile, and packed with sweet/tart flavor. Mangoes have the added benefit of being popular in their ripe and unripe forms, meaning that there are a ton of different ways you can use the fruit. Get started by learning more about proper storing techniques and our favorite varieties.


Summer is berry season. Along with strawberries and blueberries, raspberries really come to fruition in the summer months. Actually a member of the rose family, raspberries share their parent’s tendencies towards rich aromas and stunning aromas. Raspberries have a short shelf-life though, so it’s important to follow proper storage techniques to get the most out of the berries. 


Once called “the fruit of the angels” by Christopher Columbus, papaya is one of our favorite subtropical fruits. While the sweet flavor and silky texture of papaya is fantastic on its own, it can be used to enhance both savory and sweet dishes. For inspiration, try using the fruit in Latin American or southeast Asian influenced dishes. 

  • Seasonality: May-September
  • Favorite Varieties: Guinea Gold, Kapoho, Sunrise
  • Try Cooking: Green papaya curry & papaya lassi 


Whether you’re a fan of sweet or sour flavors, there’s a cherry variety for you. While you can get cherries throughout the year, they reach their juicy best during the summer months. We enjoy cooking with cherries because they can be tailored towards different areas of food service; for example, healthcare focused chefs can use it to stay low on the glycemic index and fine-dining chefs can whip up some flambeed cherries jubilee. 

  • Seasonality: May-August
  • Favorite Varieties: Bing, Lambert, Rainier
  • Try Cooking: Cherries jubilee


With one of the shortest seasons of them all, it can be difficult to make the most out of apricots. Chefs who put in the hustle will be rewarded with a juicy, sweet fruit that has a wholly unique tartness. If you’re looking to impress, apricots are a fantastically classy option for the summer months.

  • Seasonality: May-August
  • Favorite Varieties: Blenheim, Goldkist, Montrose
  • Try Cooking: Apricot jam & apricot cobbler