Mint Condition: Our Favorite Varieties

Mint is such a memorable flavor that it’s easy to forget that the herb extends beyond spearmint and peppermint. Though we’re big fans of those varieties (more on that later), chefs looking to create memorable dining experiences can also utilize some lesser known varieties to great effect. Whether you’re seeking citrus notes or want to bring a little bit of lavender to the plate, try using some of our favorites in your kitchen.


The mint, the myth, the legend. Chances are, spearmint is the variety that comes to mind when you think of “mint” and for good reason; spearmint’s sweet and refreshing flavor make it the best multi-purpose variety. 

  • Flavor: Minty and refreshing
  • Best For: Multi-purpose 


Actually a cross between spearmint and watermint, peppermint is arguably the most intense mint variety of them all. You can identify it by its powerful cooling abilities and long, dark green leaves. Additionally, peppermint contains a unique menthol aftertaste that sets it apart from other varieties. 

  • Flavor: Intensely minty
  • Best For:  Mint-forward dishes

Lavender Mint

What happens when you combine two powerfully aromatic flavors? You double the intensity of course! Lavender mint gives off strong lavender and mint flavors, making it a great seasoning herb. 

  • Flavor: Minty with lavender notes 
  • Best For: Lavender lemonade

Chocolate Mint

As you’d expect, chocolate mint has chocolate notes that make it a fantastic dessert ingredient. You can quickly identify it by its strong chocolate aroma which evokes memories of mint chip ice cream or thin mints. 

  • Flavor: Fragrant and chocolatey 
  • Best For: Desserts

Orange Mint

One of the more aesthetically pleasing varieties of mint, orange mint is an excellent garnish on citrus-based desserts. Flavor wise, orange mint can be a little off putting due to slight sour notes, so it’s best used as decoration. 

  • Flavor: Citrusy
  • Best For: Garnishing

Apple Mint

A gentle alternative to stronger mint flavors, apple mint adds some fruity sweetness to the mint playbook. This subtle approach means that apple mint is best utilized when you want mint to take the back seat; we find that it’s a fantastic addition to mint teas or summer salads!

  • Flavor: Fruity and sweet
  • Best For: Mint tea & summer salads