The Common App(etizer): Our Top Dishes For College Students

College eating trends can change faster than a freshman’s major, so it’s important to keep on top of things by providing items that are ready for the long haul. Maintaining the perfect balance between nutrition, taste, and “trendiness” is key. Try adapting these dishes onto your menu to appeal to undergrads and beyond.

Chili Lime Salmon Bowls With Cauliflower Rice

This dish takes cues from two of the biggest food trends of recent memory (poke bowls and cauliflower) to create a filling main course that is equal parts nutritious and eye-catching. Unlike poke bowls, this dish uses spicy cooked salmon and substitutes in cauliflower rice for a healthier finished product. Add in unexpected ingredients like broccoli rabe and red peppers to impress any foodie on campus.   

Breakfast Parfait

Breakfast parfaits may be classic, but that doesn’t mean they have to be stuck in the past. Give your students a fun twist on breakfast parfaits by adding in fresh mandarin oranges and sliced bananas! This recipe from Bee Sweet Citrus is packed with vitamin C and looks great in the bowl.

  • Get the recipe here.  

Broccoli Rabe Recovery Juice

On those days where your students look worse for wear (and overindulgence from the night before is to blame) it’s good to offer a dish that can get them back on their feet. Broccoli rabe is a natural detoxifier and additional ingredients like honeycrisp apples, lemons, and ginger add in essential vitamins, plus it’s tasty to boot! Revisit our guide on fresh pressed juice to get started.

Arugula Roasted Corn Bowl

College students have a soft spot in their heart for late night Mexican food, so this arugula roasted corn bowl recipe from our friends at Taylor Farms is a no brainer. Best of all, it utilizes everyday ingredients like green onions, corn, and bell peppers so you won’t have to keep strange ingredients on hand.

Hail Kale Quinoa Salad

Rock the trendiest grain of them all with this delicious salad from Taylor Farms. Seriously, this dish has style for days and a rich, unique flavor profile; blood oranges, pesto, and kale dance together to create a salad your students won’t forget. 

Avocado Brunch Toast

Sure, avocado toast may not be the most surprising college favorite, but it may be the most enduring. We love expanding on standard avocado toast with this recipe from Mission Avocados, which utilizes crispy bacon and hard boiled eggs to create a heartier breakfast. Use this guide to select perfectly ripe avocados every time.