Toil and Trouble: Killer Halloween Cocktails

Halloween inspires creativity. It’s the one day out’ve the year where your imagination is allowed to run wild, but it shouldn’t be limited to just costumes and decorations. Fuel the ghouls in your neighborhood with these clever, Halloween-inspired cocktails.


The aptly named classic has been around since the earliest days of the American tiki scene, and is an easy way to get in the festive spirit while using ingredients that you kitchen most likely has on hand. Additionally, the zombie is likely already in your bartender’s repertoire! This stiff drink is particularly fruit forward, typically using pineapple, orange, and lime juices, so be sure to have some extra citrus on hand.

Kill Devil Punch

This punch may not kill the devil, but it could for sure knock him out. Pairing champagne and rum with pineapple juice and raspberries crafts a potent cocktail that’s simultaneously familiar and unique. This is a great cocktail for chefs anticipating a packed house on Halloween night, as large batches can easily be prepped beforehand.

Pumpkin Pie Martini

More mellow than other Halloween cocktails but festive nonetheless, pumpkin pie martinis appeal to the pumpkin loving patron in all of us. Combine house-made pumpkin puree with pie standbys like graham crackers, milk and honey for a fall twist on an everlasting favorite.

Bloody Mary

Like Halloween, bloody marys thrive on creativity. Expand the flavor profile of the stacked cocktail and try including fresh grated horseradish or seasonal heirloom tomatoes like Costoluto Genoveses! Just be prepared to serve more than a few the next morning.

  • Pro Tip: Can’t find Genoveses? Visit here for more suggestions.

Blood and Sand

If you can get your hands on blood oranges, this cocktail is a must. Moro oranges are particularly exceptional and bring intense aromatics and a non-cloying sweetness that pair well with blended scotch. For an extra dose of Halloween spirit, add dark Luxardo cherries.

  • Pro Tip: Blood Oranges are in season from early winter to spring, so you can keep this cocktail on your menu well past Halloween!

Jack O’ Lantern

While there are many alternative takes to this cocktail, we’re partial to versions tweaking a traditional whiskey highball. Add small portions of orange juice and orange liqueur for a seasonally appropriate dash of color and serve in a tall glass. For a simple, memorable garnish, place a small lime peel in the center of an orange slice to create your own mini “pumpkin.”