To Grandmother’s House We Go: Granny Smith Dishes For Young Eaters

If you’re trying to get younger eaters to eat their fruits and veggies, granny smith apples are a godsend. From their brilliant green hue, to their crisp texture and tart flavor, the perfectly portable apple is a safe bet in any kids lunch box. For chefs who want to go the extra mile, these dishes are surefire hits!

Apple Nachos

A healthier, dessert forward take on the classic snack, apple nachos combine some of our favorite things: apples, coconut, and chocolate. The crisp texture of granny smiths are integral here; they ensure a proper crunch from bite to bite. Get the recipe here!

Apple Crostini

Have some students who crave the finer things in life? An apple crostini can make any kid feel fancy, plus you can cater the recipe to menus throughout the day. For example, trying working with approachable cheese like brie or cheddar for a lunchtime treat, or add cinnamon sugar and butter for dessert.

  • Pro Tip: Instead of using whole apples, try spreading some Granny smith jam and ricotta on toast for an easy to love crostini!

Apple Donuts

Give the kids their favorite breakfast without added carbs, fat, or high amounts of sugar. This dish is geared towards the toppings, so make sure to have all sorts of dried fruits, nuts, and coconut flakes on hand! You can even get the kids in on the action by creating a “donut bar” where they can chose their own toppings! Check out the recipe here.

Fruit Leather

Kids are always on the move, so it’s important to have a snack that can move with them. Fruit leather is easy to prepare and deceptively nutritious; granny smiths provide high amounts of fiber, potassium, and vitamin C per bite! Best of all, you can use any other left over fruit in your kitchen for different flavors.


Apple Braised Chicken

For a filling main course, try whippings up some apple braised chicken. This dish offers essential nutrition without being too over the top for budding palates. If you want to double dip on the apples, try serving this dish with an apple juice/sparkling water “mocktail.” Check out the recipe after the jump.

  • Pro Tip: Curious about which fruits and veggies are essential for budding minds? Discover which fresh foods boost cognitive development here!