Tiki Room: 5 Guava Cocktails

Depending on how you look at it, tiki drinks are either endless sources of creativity or frustration. We firmly stand behind the belief that tiki drinks can bring the best out’ve an inspired bartender. Each drink has a set of guidelines that can be expanded upon to your heart’s content, so long as the finished product is full of flavor and appropriately strong. Though less common in traditional recipes, guavas can help fuel that tropical creativity. Here are a few guava-centric twists on the classics.

A Note On Ingredients: Though they appear interchangeable, guava juice and guava nectar are not the same. The latter is thicker and has a higher sugar content, so we’ve made the distinction whenever needed.

Guava Mai Tai

Arguably the most popular tiki drink of them all, you’d be hard pressed to find a decent cocktail bar that didn’t have a mai tai on the menu. Make yours stand out by adding ample amounts of guava juice for added sweetness.

  • Pro Tip: Save some fresh guava slices to use as memorable garnishes!

Guava and Lime

Similar to the popular pairing of strawberry and lime, the namesake ingredients of this cocktail balance tart and sweet flavors that are amplified by the smooth burn of rum. For an extra dose of citrus, we’d recommend infusing your simple syrup with lime to help it further permeate your drink.

Guava Colada

Pineapples have had enough time in the spotlight. Substituting guava juice for pineapple juice brings a light, strawberry-esque sweetness, not to mention a beautiful pink hue. Be sure to use coconut cream rather than coconut milk for an extra-frothy texture.

P.O.G. Punch

P.O.G. juice (a mixture of passionfruit, orange, and guava juices) is extremely popular on the islands of Hawaii, due to it’s sublimely sweet flavor and drinkability. By simply mixing the juice with rum and champagne, you can create a quick and easy cocktail that’ll make your customers instantly crave Kailua pork.

  • Pro Tip: For house-made P.O.G. juice, combine equal parts passionfruit juice and guava nectar with half the amount of orange juice.

Guava Daiquiri

Though you may not immediately view a daiquiri as a tiki drink, the rum cocktail was actually invented in (and named after) the beachside town of Daiquiri, Cuba. This guava nectar based cocktail is great either on the rocks or blended, and pairs well with mint, basil, and strawberries.