The Pie’s The Limit: How To Make The Best Mulberry Pie

There are some dishes that are so universally beloved that it’s impossible to separate the ingredient from the finished product and mulberry pie is one of them. For many eaters, just thinking of the little berry brings back memories of flaky crust and a gently sweet, subtly tart filling. When you couple the passionate fanbase behind mulberry pie and the berry's relative scarceness, it’s integral to get mulberry pie just right. Do the little berry proud with these tips and tricks.

  • Mulberries are picked by hand  and don’t have the longest of shelf-lives, so it’s important to act quickly to give your guests the best pie possible. If you need to extend the life of your berries, keep them in an airtight container in your fridge and use within the week.
  • If you have the option, try using black mulberries instead of their red brethren. They’re saccharinely sweet when ripe, and tend to be a little less tart.
  • There are loads of different ways to make pie crust, but we’re partial to old school techniques. Slowly whisk together salt and flour before adding ice cold water and shortening when create your dough, and roll it until you have enough for the pie and a latticed top. 
  • Looking to cater to the vegan crowd? Try substituting in margarine instead of butter when baking!
  • With the scarcity of mulberries, it can be good to have a partner in your filling. Instead of pairing with another berry, we like adding in a baker’s favorite, rhubarb, in order to create a mulberry centric take on the classic strawberry rhubarb pie. 
  • While we’d argue that most pies are great a la mode, mulberry pies are a particularly good option because of their sweet flavor and luscious texture. Vanilla ice cream is never a bad option, but if you’re looking to try something unique, we’d recommend topping it with a berry infused ice cream!