The Keto Veto: Using Turnips To Stay Low-Carb

Let’s face it, creating dishes that adhere to strict, low-carb diets can be tough. The humblest of root vegetables, turnips, can help alleviate some of that stress. Turnips run with an exclusive crowd; they’re one of the few veggies that can make a honest claim for the potato throne, as they have a comparable flavor and texture while staying low-carb. Their nutritious crusade doesn’t stop there either, as turnips can be substituted into a host of traditionally high carb foods. Here are some of our favorites.

Mashed Turnips

Mashed potatoes are simultaneously a sign of fall and a sign of being full. Instead of reaching for russets, lighten up the load without missing out on flavor with mashed turnips! Boiling is a tried and true method of preparing turnips and the final product doesn’t change much based on your vegetable’s size. If you’ve got a giant turnip on hand, mashed turnips are an excellent option.

  • Pro Tip: Turnips have a high water content, so give them an extra blast of heat after mashing to rid them of excess water.

Turnip “Fries”

Give into your customer’s cravings without making them give up their diet with turnip fries. This dish can be seasoned in a variety of ways, so don’t be afraid to reach for intriguing spices. We’d recommend using salt, garlic powder, and paprika to start.

  • Pro Tip: For extra crispy fries, slice your turnips as thinly as possible.

Turnip Rice

Rice is one of the greatest building blocks in the culinary world, so having a fully accessible substitute can be a huge turning point towards a more health-conscious menu. To prepare, first spiralize your turnips and then run them through a food processor until they reach your desired size. For a succulent spin on a classic, try using them in your favorite fried rice recipe!

Turnip Noodles 

Is there anything a spiralizer can’t do? While many spiralized noodle recipes lean towards Italian cuisine, we prefer using turnip noodles for Asian inspired dishes. Chinese white turnips should be your go-to variety here, as their mild flavor pairs well with spicier Asian dishes.

Turnip Hash Browns

Yes, turnips are just as awesome in the morning. Bring some hash brown goodness onto your menu by substituting turnips for potatoes. Make sure that your turnips are as dry as possible before cooking, otherwise you’re likely to end up with a soggy finished product.

  • Pro Tip: Although flour is a necessity in this dish, there are still quite a few diet friendly options. Try using gluten free flour, almond flour, or even coconut flour!