The Cool Kid: Five Ways To Use Kale This Fall

Few vegetables achieved cultural dominance as quickly as kale. The cold weather green is a favorite of patrons and chefs alike, showing up in new dishes at an astounding rate. From cool classics to adventurous alternatives, here are a few of our favorites.

Pass The Chips

This dish walks the fine line between simplicity, flavor, and nutrition. Kale chips are a great healthy alternative to potato chips and can be flavored with everything from fresh lemon to red pepper flakes. When baking, use a low temperature over a long period of time for the best texture.

Paleo Popsicles

As dietary restrictions move towards the forefront of culinary conversation, it’s always a good idea to have reliable, healthy options. Put a sophisticated spin on a schoolyard classic with kale popsicles! Create your popsicle base by pureeing strawberries, bananas, and cacao powder alongside your kale.

Superb Soup

Kale is known for sturdy texture and durable leaves. Though this may turn some people off to the green when served raw, these properties make them perfect inclusions to soup. Either use it to compliment strong, savory soups like chili, or let it shine as the main ingredient!

Pesto Everything

The limits of kale pesto seem to know no bounds. Richer than traditional basil pesto, kale pesto works on everything from sandwiches to pasta. Chefs who want to take a more unexpected route should consider stirring homemade pesto into a classic risotto.

  • Pro Tip: Don’t shy away from experimenting with your pesto. Collared greens, walnuts, and pine nuts all bring extra flavor!

Say Cheese

The tried and true combination of kale and melted cheese can make kale converts out’ve wary customers. Cooking kale inside grilled cheese or quesadillas is a great way to expose kids to kale too! We’d recommend stepping away from cheddar cheese though, as parmesan or pepper jack tend to pair better with the rich flavor of kale.