Thanks A Brunch – Interesting Ways to Use Oranges and OJ

Though a constant morning companion, orange juice and oranges are too often taken for granted. The little fruit has a ton of culinary applications that may surprise you. Here are a few of our favorites.

Try Pickling

With a high level of acidity comparable to vinegar, natural orange juice can actually be used as a replacement for vinegar in the pickling process. This technique is great for bringing a surprising citrus zest into fresh, spicy dishes.

Keep It Sweet

If you’re looking for a secret weapon in your next baked-good, consider making citrus sugar. Simply grab fresh orange twists, add to sugar, and store batches in the fridge for a few weeks. The natural oils will slowly seep into the sugar, imbuing a sophisticated orange flavor.

  • Citrus sugar can be used to step up your craft cocktail program as well. Use when creating simple syrup to make the ultimate tiki drink or old-fashioned.

Use Orange Juice as a Marinade

The natural acidity of orange juice makes it a perfect tenderizer for meat! Try replacing traditionally wine or vinegar-based marinades with fresh squeezed orange juice infused with your favorite seasonings. Orange juice marinades go especially well with chicken breasts or pork chops.

Mull It Over

When planning your winter menu, consider adding baked orange peels to mulling spice mixes. This brings a unique twist to beverages and baked goods in the colder months!