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6 Minty Fresh Cocktails - Colorful Plates
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6 Minty Fresh Cocktails

Mint is "the" herb of the cocktail world. Revered by mixologists and home-bartenders alike, the perennial favorite is integral in refreshing, cooling cocktails. Versatile in every sense of the word, mint pairs well with whiskey, rum, and everything in between. Whether you’re fond of classic concoctions like mojitos and mint juleps or fancy yourself a fan of the unusual, there’s a mint cocktail for you. Consider whipping these up in your bar to keep things minty fresh.

Mint Julep

Recalling porch side summer nights and backyard barbecues, the mint julep is a classic Southern favorite. Famously known as the signature drink of the Kentucky Derby, mint juleps live or die by the quality of your ingredients. Make sure to use a top-shelf bourbon and fresh spearmint for best results.

Blueberry Mojitos

Mojitos will never die. Initially created as a cure for scurvy by sailors aboard famed explorer Sir Francis Drake’s “Bonaventure,” mojitos have been a part of cocktail culture before the word even existed. Naturally, this makes it hard to create a mojito that truly stands out, but mashing some fresh blueberries alongside your mint is a great start. Save some fresh berries for garnish and serve with a steady hand.

  • Pro Tip: Not a fan of blueberries? Try using strawberries or blackberries instead!

Old Cuban

Perhaps the only cocktail that can give a mojito a run for its money, the old cuban expands upon its predecessor by adding Prosecco and angostura bitters. Together, the two add a bubbly, aromatic finish that makes the drink a perfect warm weather sipper.


Born out of Long Island’s historic Southside Sportsman’s club in the latter half of the 19th century, the southside is essentially a gin-forward take on a mint julep. Naturally, this cocktail is a bit more herbal and aromatic than a mint julep, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious.

Strawberry Rhubarb Smash

This cocktail works with the delightful combination of strawberries, rhubarb, and mint to create a crisp, complex cocktail. Rather than add rhubarb pieces to this drink, try infusing the veggie into a simple syrup to create a sour-tinged sweetener. Top with fresh mint leaves and rhubarb stalks for some serious aesthetic points. 


Fairly unique in the tiki world, the shipwreck combines rum and bourbon for a nice interplay of strong and syrupy flavors. The cooling qualities of mint really bring the cocktail together though, bringing much needed sweetness to this vacation in a glass.