Taste Maker: Pairing Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is the fall favorite all other vegetables want to be like. Popular with consumers and chefs alike, the winter squash can be used to compliment other dishes while still shining on its own terms. It works well with traditional savory fall flavors, but can also expand on diverse flavor profiles. Whether you’d rather have your squash leading the charge or supporting the team, you can expect it to have a warm reception in your dining room.


If you’re searching for a way to bump up the presence of umami, consider working in umami-rich flavors like mushrooms, miso, and tomatoes into your dish! Shiitake mushrooms can be a particularly powerful comrade to butternut squash, as they can be combined in dishes from ragout to noodle bowls!


Savory flavors don’t have to be exclusive. While we’re fans of pairing butternut squash with lighter meats like chicken or fish, there are many ways to bring savory squash dishes to vegetarians. One of our favorite ways is to include the squash into vegetarian friendly Italian dishes like lasagna or spaghetti. Be sure to pair with savory ingredients like onion and garlic!

  • Pro Tip: If you really want to spotlight your squash, make butternut squash noodles! Use a spiralizer for best results.


Looking for the sweeter things in life? Butternut squash has you covered. Fall spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar pair well when roasted with the naturally sweet squash. For an even more complex flavor profile, we’d recommend including a dash of cayenne pepper when seasoning your squash.


The naturally creamy aspects of butternut squash really shine when used as the base for a soup. We enjoy pairing with opal apples and sage to round out the flavor profile. Look to our recipe for Roasted Butternut Squash Soup as inspiration!


Believe it or not, butternut squash works wonders in numerous spicy dishes. Its thick, creamy texture allows it to soak up spicy flavors without being overpowered, so it’s actually a great substitute for chicken in buffalo wings! You can even make spicy “fries” to pair with traditional chicken wings if you’re inclined, but we recommend including a cool dipping sauce on the side either way.


Snack cravings begone. Consider substituting butternut squash for a healthier spin on traditional potato chips! They’re a great way to introduce the vegetable to particularly picky kids, and are delectable when paired with fall themed sandwiches.