Tang-a-rang: 6 Tomatillo Treats to Brighten Up Your Menu

Tomatillos are a fruit worth shouting about. The green husked beauties bring a tangy complexity to dishes from early summer to late fall and we are constantly testing out new ways to use them. From masterful Mexican dishes to unexpected twists on classics, here are some tomatillo treats that are guaranteed to brighten up your menu.

Chilaquiles Verdes

Although traditionally one of the cheapest dishes in Mexican cuisine, chilaquiles verdes is definitely rich in flavor. Essentially a breakfast version of nachos, chilaquiles verdes consists of fried tortillas soaked in salsa verde until they become soothingly tender. Toss with eggs, refried beans, and shredded chicken for a super-filling breakfast.

Salsa Verde

Would it even be fair to mention tomatillo dishes without bringing up salsa verde? Unlike other salsas, salsa verde always requires tomatillos instead of tomatoes, so it’s a great first foray into the fruit. The classic sauce is versatile beyond belief too; we’ve seen chefs use it on enchiladas, burritos, and sandwiches! 

  • Pro Tip: Want to learn how to make the ultimate salsa verde? Check out our guide!

Tomatillo Bloody Mary

A beautiful vibrant twist on an all-time favorite, tomatillo bloody marys bring a nice tang that’ll have you seeing green. There are two schools of thought on this drink; bartenders looking to keep things spicy leave their tomatillos as is, while those who want a milder approach generally roast the fruit beforehand. Whatever your preference, be sure to garnish with lime, cilantro, or even bacon!

Chile Verde

There are chili verde recipes that use green tomatoes and recipes that use tomatillos. In other words, there are chili verde recipes that are just okay and some that will blow your socks off. To get the latter, slow cook tomatillos with fresh pork shoulder, garlic, and jalapeños. Afterwards, serve your chili verde on a bed of rice or toss it into burritos or tacos! 

Tomatillo Green Salad

Keep it green by using tomatillos in your next salad! Although tomatillos have a bit of a tang, they pair well with a variety of salad greens, particularly peppery watercress and crinkly frisée. That being said, it’s still best to always use whatever is freshest and in season!

  • Pro Tip: Roast your tomatillos beforehand to mellow out overtly tangy flavors.

Cucumber-Tomatillo Gazpacho

Bring a little bit of Mexico to the Spanish dish by incorporating tomatillos into your next gazpacho! We like to stick with other green vegetables when cooking tomatillo gazpacho, so we’d recommend using cucumbers, green poblano peppers, and fresh cilantro in your base.

  • Pro Tip: Be sure to save some cilantro sprigs for garnish!