Sunrise To Sunset: A Kumquat Dish For Every Meal

Kumquats don’t have to be a “sometimes” fruit. Despite their unique taste, kumquats can still give the heavyweight citrus fruits a run for their money if used properly. Don’t believe us? Use these dishes as inspiration from sunrise to sunset and start incorporating the tiny fruit into your regular rotation!

Breakfast- Kumquat Marmalade On Toast

Kumquats have a particularly strong sweet/sour flavor, which makes them an excellent base for a bright marmalade or jam. They play nice with other fruits too, so if you’d like to achieve a more traditional “citrus” flavor, we’d recommend adding tangerine or orange segments as well. Once you finish creating your marmalade, smear it on freshly baked wheat bread for a unique twist on a reliable side dish. 

  • Pro Tip: Use some intriguing additives. Depending on your desired flavor profile, you can use star anise, cayenne pepper, or even brandy!

Lunch- Ham and Cheese Sandwich With Kumquat Chutney

Class up a legendary lunch item by spreading some fresh kumquat chutney on your next ham and cheese sandwich. A good sweet/tart balance is key here, so you may need to use a little extra sugar to make sure the sweetness cuts through. This chutney tends to pair better with creamy, tangy cheeses, so goat cheese is usually your best bet. For bonus points, grill the sandwich to gooey perfection. 

Afternoon Pick Me Up: Kumquat Salad

Despite kumquat’s winter season, it can easily find a place in a bright, refreshing salad. Naturally, winter greens are a great companion, but particularly hearty ones like kale or collard greens are exceptionally good options, as their thick leaves help balance out the strong flavors of kumquat. In terms of dressing, we’d recommend a citrus based tahini. Be sure to match your citrus to your sweet/sour preference, as oranges and lemons both work wonders in the dressing. 

Dinner: Moroccan Chicken with Kumquats

Moroccan chicken incorporates a wide variety of ingredients in order to bring a complex, satisfyingly diverse flavor profile to the plate. Even though kumquats have their roots in Asian cuisine, they’re right at home in this North African dish and bring a delicious sense of tartness that doesn’t overpower other traditional ingredients. We’d recommend using the common nagami kumquat here, as it is better suited to the cooking process than other varieties. 

  • Pro Tip: Visit here  to learn more about kumquat varieties. 

Dessert: Candied Kumquats 

With their intense, deep flavor, kumquats may just be one of the all-time best candied fruits. While you may not serve them on their own, they can be delicious additions to a wide variety of deserts! We like adding candied kumquats to fresh cakes or orange-vanilla ice cream, but they can be used anywhere that requires a blast of citrus flavor.