Pleasant Pluots: Our Top Desserts

Separately, plums and apricots are integral to some of our favorite desserts, so it makes perfect sense that their offspring makes some killer treats. The summer stone fruit is delicious in tons of different dishes and we’ve found success in pies, ice creams, and everything in between. Check out some of our favorite pluot desserts below and get cooking!

Pluot Cobbler

A redefinition of an all-time favorite, pluot cobbler expands on apricot cobbler by adding some seriously juicy depth. Best of all, since pluots are descended from apricots, you can substitute them into your standard apricot cobbler recipe without much alteration! 

  • Pro Tip: Make sure to add a bit of lemon juice to give your cobbler some tang.

Wine-Poached Pluots

Boozy and brilliant, wine-poached pluots are a crowning achievement in simple, elegant desserts. Poaching softens the pluots while simultaneously expanding their flavor profile; expect to pick up notes of honeyed sweetness and tang afterwards. Some wines are better than others though, so we’d recommend sticking with a bright, fruit-forward wine like a riesling. 

Pluot White Chocolate Ice Cream 

While this pairing may seem a little out there, it really works. White chocolate is naturally creamier and sweeter than other chocolates, so it won’t overpower the more delicate notes of your pluots. For best results, chop up small bits of pluots and add them to your ice cream mixture. 

Pluot Popsicles

When it comes to summer treats, there are few things more satisfying than popsicles. Rather than using whatever fruit you have on hand, try working with seasonal ingredients like pluots, peaches, or strawberries! Combining different fruits will keep your popsicles juicy and sweet all day long. 

  • Pro Tip: Add granola to your mixture for multiple textures!

Pluot Clafoutis

Generally, this dish calls for fresh cherries, but pluots can be an interesting substitution due to their balance of sweet and tangy flavors. Texture wise, pluots will stay crisp and intact during the cooking process due to their apricot heritage. Pair with vanilla ice cream or dust each slice with powdered sugar for a classy treat.