Sugar and Spice: Combining Chocolate and Jalapeños

Sugar + spice = everything nice. It’s just a fact. No two ingredients personify that glorious dichotomy better than jalapeños and chocolate. Though the pairing may sound odd at first, the two compliment each other beautifully, bringing out the hot and sweet aspects of both directly to the forefront of the dish. Don’t just take our word for it though, try whipping up one of these dishes in your kitchen and see for yourself.

Jalapeño Chocolate Chip Cookies

These aren’t your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies (well, assuming that she wasn’t a gourmet chef). When baked into cookies, jalapeños help intensify the natural flavor of the chocolate, leading to a truly one of a kind flavor profile. Additionally, diced jalapeño pieces add an intriguing color to your cookies. Be aware that most of the “heat” from the jalapeños comes from the seeds, so be sure to remove them to cut down on the spice. 

Jalapeño Hot Chocolate 

Sure, plain hot chocolate warms you up, but jalapeño hot chocolate really warms you up. A twist on the beloved Mexican hot chocolate, jalapeño hot chocolate swaps out the chili powder for a more rounded, less intense spice. Be sure to use traditional ingredients like cinnamon and nutmeg for an authentic flavor profile.

Chocolate Dipped Jalapeños

Simple yet intriguing, chocolate dipped jalapeños can be an eye popping way to add the little chili to your dessert menu. We like to initially dip the jalapeños in dark chocolate and then finish them off with a light white chocolate drizzle for contrasting colors, but any semi-sweet chocolate will do. 

  • Pro Tip: Try deseeding your peppers and stuffing them with peanut butter for a delectable twist!

Jalapeño Chocolate Cake

If Mexican hot chocolate and jalapeño chocolate chip cookies had a baby, it’d be something like jalapeño chocolate cake. Combining cinnamon, jalapeños, and powdered sugar and transporting them into a decadent chocolate cake is love at first sight (or bite rather). As this dish is a little heftier than others on this list, feel free to use the entirety of your jalapeño to make sure the heat finds its way through. However, it’s important to finely dice your pepper before adding to the mixture so that it’s evenly dispersed.

Chocolate Jalapeño Ice Cream

If jalapeños are too hot for your taste, adding them to house-made chocolate ice cream can be a fantastic way to cool down the spicier flavors. Each bite should have a deep, rich chocolate flavor counteracted by a lingering zing from the chilis. For best results, try adding small strips while boiling your milk and then strain afterwards to remove any unwanted seeds.