Stylish Desserts To Keep in Your Back Pocket

Desserts can be the perfect punctuation point to any meal. It’s our goal to have treats so appealing that the phrase “I don’t think I have room for dessert” is removed from our customer's vocabularies. Luckily, these stylish dishes are here to make that goal a reality.


Since its creation in the 1920’s, pavlova has been dressed to impress. Legend has it that a chef first created the dish at the request of the groundbreaking ballerina Anna Pavlova, known for being the first dancer to ever tour the world. Once you whip one out, it’s easy to see why pavlova is a dish fit for society’s elite; tropical fruits and a variety of berries all come together within a three tired cake that has soft, chewy, and crunchy sections. What’s not to love?

 Tropical Mandarin Nice Cream

Known as “nice cream” because the dish resembles ice cream but doesn’t use any dairy, this recipe from Bee Sweet Citrus is simple but jam packed with tropical flavor. To prepare, simply blend mandarins, pineapple, bananas, and strawberries with your choice of plant based milk and freeze until you reach your desired consistency. For extra style points, try topping with a housemade cream and orange drizzle.

Raspberry Tiramisu 

Fittingly, tiramisu means “cheer me up” in its native Italian. The classic dessert is undoubtably pleasing on the eyes and the stomach, but chefs may find the most joy with the many different variations the culinary world has to offer. For us, a raspberry jam infused version is at the top our the list. Finish off by adding fresh raspberries for garnish to create a tiramisu to remember. 

Crème Brûlée

A bona fide fine dining classic, crème brûlée is always welcome on our menus (or our stomachs). While there’s nothing wrong with the tried and true mixture of vanilla bean, heavy cream, and egg yolks, we like incorporating fruit into the crème brûlée itself or using it as garnish. If you’re not sure where to start, try adding passion fruit juice to your egg mixture or top a standard crème brûlée with blackberries, blueberries, or strawberries!

Apple Meringue Puff

A fruit forward take on a meringue puff pastry, apple meringue puffs are an excellent addition to any fall menus. The fruit itself reaches its best during the fall months, plus the creamy meringue top is a welcome comfort during cold days. It’s important to utilize tart apples like McIntosh or Jonagold as their flavor pairs well with other ingredients in the puff pastry.

  • Pro Tip: Learn more about our favorite apple varieties here.

Cherries Jubilee

This dish proves that sometimes the best things come in small packages. Similar to pavlova, cherries jubilee was invented for high society; French chef Auguste Escoffier first created it for Queen Victoria to commemorate her 60th year as ruler. While we doubt you’ll be cooking for royalty fairly often, this dish can make anyone feel like Meghan Markle. The flambé process is key to this dish because it caramelizes natural sugars and deepens the flavor of your cherries. On top of that, is there anything more visually simulating than a good flambé?