Strawberry Fields Forever: Tips and Tricks

The most popular berry among Americans, strawberries are used year round in everything from beverages to ice cream. Like most berries, strawberries are highly perishable and don’t ripen after being picked. Here are some tips to make sure you treat ‘em right.

  • When storing, do not cut or wash beforehand. Strawberries are extremely porous, so an excess amount of water can cause bruising. Alternatively, cutting allows a greater air flow and causes the berry to lose necessary internal moisture.
    • The optimal temperature for storing strawberries in the refrigerator is 35℉. Maintain this if possible for the longest shelf life.
  • Instead of removing the cap with a knife, try using a vegetable peeler! This is an effective way to ensure you get the maximum amount of fruit.
  • To quickly make evenly sliced berries, use your kitchen’s egg slicer! Extremely efficient, this is great way to reduce prep time in your kitchen.