Strawberries and International Cuisine

Americans love strawberries. They’re consistently the most consumed berry in the states and are a mainstay in deserts, beverages, and fruit-forward dishes. However, we’re not the only ones who crave the little red berry. Grown worldwide, strawberries are available year-round in many countries. Join us as we explore some strawberry-centric dishes from around the world.


Step aside crepes. Clafoutis, a baked fruit pastry popular throughout France, works with a variety of fruits and is supremely easy to make. Served as both a breakfast and desert item, this dish consists of an egg-heavy batter and fresh fruit. Though this puff pastry is often baked with pitted cherries, strawberries are a common substitute in Clafoutis, along with peaches and raspberries. Next time you put a french dessert on your menu, put the crepe pan down.


Panna Cotta is the ultimate Italian summer pastry. A good dish for those who like to prep ahead of time, Panna Cotta is naturally gluten free, and can easily be converted to vegan taste buds. Strawberries are commonly used in the base of Panna Cotta, but for an extra kick, we’d recommend topping with sugar-coated, balsamic strawberries


Commonly found throughout  Mexico, the beverage Agua Fresca (also known as Aguas de Frutas, meaning “fruit water”) historically consists of a steeped mixture of fruit and water. This mixture is then blended, strained, and added to a larger pitcher of water. Undeniably refreshing, strawberries are a prized in Agua Fresca for their natural sweetness.


Though traditionally considered an American dish, Strawberry Shortcakes are significant to Japanese culture. Western sweets are known as “ Yogashi” in Japan, and Strawberry Shortcake is undoubtably one of the most popular. In order to better suit Japanese taste buds, they substitute sponge cake and add numerous layers of strawberries and cream. This brings sophistication in flavor and presentation to the common cake.