Stay Sharp: 5 Cactus Pear Cocktails

With a peak season that runs from September to April, cactus pears are a great way to bring a little color to your cocktail menu during the coldest parts of the year. Ensure you make the best use out of the trendy fruit by adopting one of these cactus pear cocktails.

Cactus Pear Margaritas

Perhaps the most prominent cactus pear cocktail of them all, cactus pear margaritas take a hint from the fruit’s Mexican origins to create a fruit forward take on the classic Mexican cocktail. To ensure that the cactus pear’s flavor permeates your whole drink, try making a cactus pear infused simple syrup instead of muddling.

Cactus Pear Micheladas

If margaritas aren’t your jam but you still want to work with Mexican flavors, consider making a cactus pear Michelada! We love this drink because it’s a great mixture of sweet and spicy flavors, plus it looks great in a glass. If you decide to go the syrup route instead of adding fresh fruit, we’d recommend using cactus water for a double dose of cactus flavor. 

Cactus Pear Martini

Looking for a drink that’s simultaneously classy and colorful? Reach for a cactus pear martini! Cactus pear’s sweet, watermelon-esque flavor pairs well with orange-liqueur and lime, so you can easily add it to a standard martini recipe. If possible, source a cactus pear liquor to keep your cocktail from being overly sweet.

  • Pro Tip: Vodka is the best option for this cocktail due to its clean flavor profile. 

Prickly Sour

Even though you’d be hard pressed to find cactus pears growing in whiskey producing regions like the Scottish Highlands or the American South, the fruit plays surprisingly well with whiskey. However, we’d avoid using overly smoky whiskeys in this cocktail; smooth bourbons or blended scotches are much better partners. Whatever you do, don’t forget to lean into fresh citrus! 

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Cactus Pear Spritz

Brunch is better with spritz, it’s just a fact. Cactus pear spritzes balance the dual pillars of flavor and Instagramable aesthetics perfectly, plus they pair well with classic mains like avocado toast and breakfast burritos. To prepare, combine cactus pear syrup with prosseco, sparkling water, and dash of lime juice!

  • Pro Tip: For a boozier drink, throw a bit of silver tequila in the mix!