Stay Rad: 6 Radish Appetizers

One of the tiniest root vegetables looks great on a small plate. Their crisp crunch and peppery kick is a fantastic partner in a variety of dishes that can pump up your spring menu. Whether you prefer your radishes raw or roasted, check out some of our favorite radish-featuring appetizers.

Radish Salad

Thinly sliced radishes are excellent additions to salads, particularly those that incorporate light, refreshing ingredients like cucumber. We’d recommend incorporating some stronger flavors like garlic or red onion into your salad to balance out your flavor profile as well. Dressing wise, a simple vinaigrette or a mixture of olive oil and balsamic can go a long way. 

Roasted Radishes

Roasting whole radishes offers a luxurious change of pace when compared to raw radishes. Particularly juicy and mellow, roasted radishes are one of our favorite quick side dishes. It’s flexible to a variety of seasonings too; we’ve seen chefs use everything from a simple butter and salt mixture to a combination of garlic and chives!

  • Pro Tip:  Roasted radishes taste similar to red potatoes but don’t have high starch levels, making them a great diet-friendly substitution.

Radish Crostini

Crostinis are a perfectly balanced mixture of elegance and simplicity. There are a lot of different flavor profiles you can focus on, but a simple mixture of butter, salt, and fresh herbs is an excellent starting point. This dish thrives on the quality of your ingredients, so be sure to follow our guide to pick out the perfect radishes. 

Radish and Cucumber Sandwiches

A vegan friendly take on finger sandwiches, radish and cucumber sandwiches are a fantastic starter for springtime brunch menus. To prepare, spread some vegan cream cheese onto thick slices of cucumbers and top with thinly sliced radishes. If you want to make it extra crisp and refreshing, try adding some fresh mint or citrus!

Radish Soup

Earthy and fulfilling, radish soup offers an aesthetically pleasing twist on traditional creamy soups. It’s surprisingly healthy too, as radishes are excellent sources of vitamin C, folate and fiber! We’d recommend using other root vegetables like white carrots or Yukon potatoes to add a bit of heft to your soup, but be aware that it can change your nutritional profile. 

Radish Salsa and Tortilla Chips

Though you may not expect it, radishes are a great complimentary flavor to add to fruit-based salsas! We’re big fans of using stone fruits like peaches, nectarines, or apricots in the base and then adding in radishes among traditional salsa ingredients. While we’d never say no to adding this salsa to a burrito or tacos, we like serving it alongside house made tortilla chips to get a variety of textures.