Stalk Market: Investing In Cooking Asparagus

Every spring, we see green. Asparagus makes its way onto plates nationwide with its bright, fresh flavor and culinary adaptability. A good friend to savory flavors, asparagus can be served in innumerable ways. Look to these dishes for inspiration the next time you want to much on a bunch.

Brilliant Breakfast

Roasting asparagus is always an excellent idea, but it’s even better when bacon is involved. For a low maintenance, high-flavor dish, coat your asparagus in olive oil and wrap in bacon before roasting. This method works best with numerous stalks per slice of bacon, but try sautéing if you want to use individual stalks. Best of all, this side dish is equally decadent from breakfast to dinner!

  • Pro Tip: When roasting, be aware of the size of your asparagus. Medium to thick stalks will maintain their structure best.

Economical Eats

Waste conscious chefs will be pleased to know that every bit of an asparagus can be served in delicious, budget friendly ways. One of our favorite ways to use the entirety of the vegetable is in a cream of asparagus soup! Use the lower, fibrous ends of asparagus in your vegetable stock, but save the tips for the soup itself. This soup goes great with green onions and garlic.

A Salad To Stay

Asparagus can shine even when served cold. Pair it with other spring vegetables like snap peas, fava beans, or arugula for a mix of textures and flavors. Sharp cheese will be your best bet for a topping, along with a light, non-creamy dressing. We’d recommend a citrus vinaigrette!

Home Cookin’

A well loved southern dish, asparagus casserole can be tailored to many different taste buds. Those looking to kick their ditch up a notch should consider swapping out the traditional cheddar cheese for something rich and creamy, like gruyere. Be sure to include a variety of textures to maintain that classic crunch.