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Spring It On: 6 Veggies to Kickstart The Season - Colorful Plates
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Spring It On: 6 Veggies to Kickstart The Season

When green starts to pop up in the trees, there’s no reasonable argument why it shouldn’t pop up on your menu. Spring is a time where both irrefutable classics and fashionable underdogs come into play, each of which can pop up on your menu from noon til midnight. Check out our favorite picks of the spring season and get cooking.


The little veggie that could, radishes have a lot of flavor packed into one compact package. Though they’re often served raw, they’re more versatile than you may think; we’ve found a ton of different cooking methods for traditional and daikon radishes! Stay rad and add the red root veggie to your menu.

  • Seasonality: March-May
  • Favorite Varieties: Cherry Belle, Daikon, French Breakfast
  • Try Cooking: Radish crostini & radish-cucumber sandwiches

Mustard Greens

Pepper and distinct, mustard greens are a vegetable that’s full of surprises. Not only are they adaptable to numerous different dishes, but they’re particularly healthy to boot! Each variety is a great source of nutrients and antioxidants that can promote a healthy lifestyle in your clientele. 

  • Seasonality: January-April
  • Favorite Varieties: Florida Broadleaf, Golden Frill, Tendergreen
  • Try Cooking:  Gumbo z’ herbs & mustard green salads 


This little shoot vegetable is a true triple threat; it’s delicious, nutritious, and a workhorse in the kitchen.  Fantastic both roasted and raw, it’s hard to do wrong when you throw asparagus on the plate. Figure out how to choose the best of the best here.

  • Seasonality: Year round (Peaks March-June)
  • Favorite Varieties: Martha Washington, Purple Passion, White
  • Try Cooking: Bacon-wrapped asparagus


The crunchy cousin to scallions, leeks are an excellent way to further define a great flavor profile. That isn’t to say they can’t be used in a greater capacity though; with the proper cooking method and complimentary ingredients, you can create an unforgettable dish like the classic vichyssoise.

  • Seasonality: January-May
  • Favorite Varieties: Bandit, Titan
  • Try Cooking: Leek-mushroom pizza & vichyssoise


California’s golden (green) child, essentially all of the artichokes grown in the U.S. come from the sunshine state. Artichokes have a California attitude too, with the health-conscious veggie popping up in relaxed, flavorful dishes like spinach artichoke dip or stuffed artichoke hearts!

  • Seasonality: February-April
  • Favorite Varieties: Big Heart, Green Globe, Omaha
  • Try Cooking: Spinach-artichoke dip


An absolutely killer salad green due to its crisp texture and peppery, flavorful bite, arugula is the patron saint of veggie obsessed foodies. Outside of the states, it’s rightly referred to as “rocket,” because if you get the perfect arugula salad recipe down right, you’ll knock your customers out of orbit. 

  • Seasonality: March-May
  • Favorite Varieties: Dragon’s Tongue, Roquette, Voyager
  • Try Cooking: Arugula salad & arugula gazpacho