Speaking Words Of Wisdom, Lettuce Be: Getting Kids To Love Greens

Let’s face it—we know getting kids to eat their greens can be challenging. With a little creativity and understanding, lettuce can be the star of your school lunch menu. Look into these suggestions to make dishes that young palates will crave.

Romaine Hearts are a great ”gateway” lettuce to getting kids to enjoy eating salad. They’re crisp and mild in flavor. Start the school year by serving it as the main green in your salads, then combine it with other leafy greens as the year progresses to introduce students to new veggies like spinach or kale. This keeps something familiar on their plate, but encourages experimentation.

With an increasing amount of allergies and food sensitivities, big, leafy greens are a great gluten-free alternative to wrap burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches. Plus, this allows gluten-sensitive kids to not miss out on the fun!

  • If your school doesn’t already have a salad bar, consider adding one. Romaine Hearts, spinach leaves, or iceberg are all great options for the green base. Be sure to include a variety of add-ins, as kids are more likely to eat salad when they can choose their own toppings.
  • When time allows, try getting creative with your presentation. Try using lettuce to line bowls. Then, by filling with rice, your choice of protein, and colorful vegetables, like rainbow baby carrots or bell peppers, you can create lively, healthy dishes that are instantly appealing.