Simmer Down: Tips For Cooking With Arugula

Although raw arugula is often used to boost the flavor of everyday salads and sandwiches, its cooked counterpart is often overlooked. While not quite as multi-purpose as heartier greens like spinach or kale, arugula can still bring a peppery kick to a variety of dishes if treated properly. Try adding arugula to your cooked green repertoire with these tips and tricks.

  • Even when following strict storage and selection guidelines, sometimes you can’t avoid premature aging. However, if your arugula is just a little past its prime, you can save it through cooking! To start, we’d recommend tossing it into a chilled soup or blending it into a dressing. 
  • Similar to other greens, arugula quickly decreases in size when exposed to heat. Arugula requires a shorter cook time too, meaning that you’ll need to keep a steady eye on it to prevent any burning. In general, expect arugula to shrink 50% or more when cooked.
  • Typically, sautéing or steaming your greens is the best option if you’re looking for an arugula heavy side dish, but there are a few alternative methods to consider. For example, for a twist on lettuce soup, try boiling your arugula and blending it alongside onions, celery, and vegetable broth. Click here for an arugula soup recipe from our friends at Taylor Farms! 
  • If you want to pull from a particular culture for an inspired arugula dish, there are few better options than Italian cuisine. Whether baked on a pizza or incorporated into pesto, Italians have a long running history of working with the green!