Serving Hawaiian Royalty: The Best Way To Select And Prepare Pineapples

Spiky but delicious, pineapples make you work for the fruit inside. The ultimate tropical fruit, pineapple is a key ingredient in many unique dishes. Find out what separates the good from the great with this guide.

Despite what many think, pineapple leaves that easily remove from the crown do not indicate ripeness. According to pineapple professionals, Dole, shell color doesn’t necessarily indicate ripeness either! Plantations can actually grow all green pineapples that are fully ripe on the inside.

  • When selecting pineapple, a firm shell and intact leaves are generally the best signs of ripeness.
  • While skinning a pineapple, be sure to cut it as thinly as possible, as the outermost flesh holds the most sweetness!

Picked at peak maturation, pineapples don’t have a long shelf live! Consume as quickly as possible after preparing.

  • Fun Fact! Pineapple is also packed with an enzyme called bromelain, which breaks down protein. This makes it ideal for tenderizing meat.