Scallions: Tips And Tricks

Scallions are a vegetable of many talents. Countries around the world seek them out for their fibrous shoots, often using them to put the finishing touch on their dish. Scallions are naturally versatile, and are perfect for dishes that require just a hint of that “onion” flavor. Whether you’re a scallion super-fan or new to the green onion game, let these tips and tricks help guide your way.

  • Even though you’ll mostly see the green end of scallions in dishes, you can actually cook with both! They’re fairly interchangeable, with the white end only slightly stronger in flavor.
  • It’s fairly easy to select premium scallions. Just be on the lookout for ones with un-wilted tops and small, firm bulbs.
  • Interestingly enough, scallions are stored quite differently than most vegetables. They should be in constant contact with water in order to maintain quality. There are a few ways to do this, but we recommend placing your scallions in a jar filled with enough water to cover the roots. You can then store them inside or outside of the fridge, but be sure to cover the tops with plastic wrap if you decide on the latter.
    • Did you know? Since scallions are immature onions, they’ll continue to grow if you store them in water.
  • There are a ton of ways to serve scallions! Though commonly served raw, they play nice with most cooking methods, so experiment to your heart’s desire. We’re big fans of adding them to baked goods and grilling them whole.