Savor The Flavor: Addressing The Savory Side Of Figs

The sweetness of figs is legendary, but there’s more to the story than desserts and sweet treats. As a matter of fact, the unique texture and syrupy, floral goodness of figs are a wonderful partner to a variety of savory dishes, as they can help build up different aspects of a savory flavor profile. No man (or fig) is an island, so try sending these dishes to the rescue when you’re stuck thinking of savory ways to use figs.

Prosciutto Wrapped Figs

Pairing cured meat and figs  is never a hard decision for us. The natural saltiness of bacon, salami, and prosciutto is a great partner to figs, plus many dishes incorporating the two require minimal prep time and effort. For a simple start, try wrapping your figs in prosciutto and serving them cold or roasted. 

Spaghetti With Figs

Ah, spaghetti. It’s not often that you find a dish equally beloved by children, food critics, and  two dogs out on a romantic moonlit date (here’s looking at you, lady and the tramp). In all seriousness, spaghetti is, and always will be, an enduring, beloved dish due to its versatility. Add to the spaghetti experimentation by incorporating fresh figs into your next dish! Be sure to sauté your figs rather than boil them so that get nice and tender.

  • Pro Tip: Incorporate a wide array of textures by adding nuts to your dish.

Fig Grilled Cheese

We don’t get enough grilled cheese in our lives, but that doesn’t mean your customers will be satisfied with any run-of-the-mill sandwich. For a grown-up take on the childhood classic, we’d recommend pairing figs with a creamy brie and melting between two slices of sourdough or focaccia. While you can incorporate whole fresh fig slices here, it’s generally better to use a fig jam, as it will give your sandwich a more consistent texture. 

Roasted Chicken With Figs

With the right marinade, roasted chicken and figs have a flavor profile that will blow the roof (of your mouth) off. Try to work with both tangy and savory flavors when seasoning your chicken so that sweetness of figs is able to compliment the entirety of the dish. Additionally, feel free to roast your figs alongside the chicken in a single pan! 

  • Pro Tip: Include caramelized red onions for an extra zing! 

Fig Cheeseburgers

Fig cheeseburgers allow many of our favorite fig pairings an opportunity to work in unison. Tangy cheese, caramelized onions, winter greens, and top-quality meat effortlessly fit in between two buns. Luckily, fig cheeseburgers are ripe for experimentation and fine tuning, so it’s easy to tailor your ingredients to fit a greater flavor profile. If you’re not sure where to start, we’d recommend working with blue cheese, bacon, and arugula.