Ripe For The Picking: 5 Ways To Use Ripe Jackfruit

Although unripe jackfruit may get all the hype, a fully ripe fruit is truly a thing of beauty. Simultaneously silky and firm, but with a brilliant tropical fragrance, ripe jackfruit has a powerfully sweet flavor that balances aspects of other tropical fruits like mango, pineapple, and banana for a uniquely fruity flavor profile. Whether you prefer putting a tropical spin on everyday dishes or testing out local delicacies, these dishes are ripe for the picking.

Jackfruit Bites

Colloquially known as jackfruit mulka, this Indian dish feels like an old friend. Essentially a tropical take on a fritter, jackfruit mulka is often fried in coconut flour, making it a gluten-free dessert option. You don’t need a ton of extra ingredients either, as the sweet flavor of jackfruit easily shines through the dough, eliminating the need for excess sugar. 

Jackfruit Smoothie

Jackfruit has a wide-reaching nutritional profile, containing decent amounts of various vitamins and minerals while still scoring relatively low on the glycemic index. When coupled with its sweet flavor, this makes jackfruit a fantastic smoothie ingredient. If you’re unsure what fruits to pair with jackfruit, tropical fruits are generally a safe bet. To start, we’d recommend using bananas, pineapples or mangoes! 

Jackfruit Cookies

Fruit-forward cookies are few and far between and we’re here to change that. You may be surprised to learn that jackfruit actually pairs well with variety of cookies! We’ve seen chefs incorporate their fresh flavor into traditional shortbread cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and even Caribbean inspired coconut cookies!

  • Pro Tip: Serve alongside a bold Indonesian coffee for a southeast Asian inspired treat!

Jackfruit Sago

A long running favorite in southeast Asia, jackfruit sago is a sweet soup with a fairly unique serving style, as the soup is served both warm and cold. Either way, the soup is unlike most dishes in America, making it perfectly suitable to the budding foodie. Be sure to include tapioca pearls alongside your jackfruit slices, as this adds a texture to your soup that can be hard to replicate otherwise!

  • Pro Tip: Try working with the classic combo of jackfruit and coconut for a greater depth of flavor!

Jackfruit Ice Cream

Interestingly enough, the flavor of jackfruit is often compared to tutti-frutti ice cream, so including fresh jackfruit in a house-made ice cream may seem too good to be true. There’s nothing false about the fantastic flavor, however, as jackfruit brings natural pineapple and mango flavors that can’t be matched by artificial flavoring. For best results, incorporate the fruit in more than just your base; fresh jackfruit slices will add a pop of color and a rewarding texture to the finished product.