Red Handed: Tomato Varieties and Cooking Methods

Tomatoes are an everyday part of many cuisines. Served whole, juiced, or sliced, there’s a tomato variety that works for any occasion. Get a proper yield with the best possible flavor in every dish with this go-to guide.


There are few things that bring such immediate joy like fresh pasta sauce. Roma tomatoes are enduring for a reason, as their dense flesh is ideal in a variety of sauces. However, the Viva Italia and San Marzano varieties are no slouches either, with the latter creating a supremely satisfying sauce when cooked.


When slicing tomatoes, size is your friend. Be sure to select big, meaty varieties, as these offer the most bang for your buck. Beefsteak heirlooms are the most common variety, but we’d recommend Black Krim or Brandywine if you’re looking for a unique, memorable flavor.


Step up your juice game. Costoluto Genovese tomatoes offer a ton of juice without sacrificing flavor, making them ideal in craft cocktails like bloody marys and sangritas. If you can’t get your hands on Genoveses, Beefsteaks or Brandywines will get the job done.


Sprucing up a simple salad couldn’t get any easier. Cherry and Grape tomatoes are practically begging to be served on their own, as their juicy flesh and smaller size make them a wonderful bite-sized inclusion. The Clementine and Sweet Million are some of our favorite specific varieties, as they both offer a great balance of flavor and texture.


If you want to go the extra mile and create home-made sun-dried tomatoes, look no further than the Principe Borghese tomato. This heirloom variety is native to Italy, and is widely regarded as one of the best varieties for drying.