Straight Off The Bush: Raspberry Tips and Tricks

Smooth and flavorful, raspberries are a classic ingredient in baked goods and frozen treats. However, this nutritional berry has so much more to offer. High in fiber and antioxidants, raspberries can be a sweet, healthy twist in unexpected dishes. Look to these for inspiration, and start experimenting!

  • Make raspberry salsa! Adding raspberries to a traditional salsa brings a soothing layer of sweetness. Be sure to include jalapeños, as an extra level of heat meshes well with the increased sweetness.
    • If you want to take the edge off chipotle sauce, consider mixing in raspberries. This sauce pairs especially well with chicken based Mexican dishes.
  • Say cheese. Well, grilled cheese that is. Raspberries work wonders if mashed and spread across a creamy cheese. We’d recommend brie or swiss!
    • If you want to make your sandwich even sweeter, consider drizzling honey over the bread before grilling.
  • Get savory with a marinade. Combining balsamic vinegar and raspberries creates a sauce that perfectly compliments roasted chicken or pork chops.