Rapscallion: Green Onion Dishes From Around The World

Scallions aren’t afraid to sail the high seas. The ever-dependable warm-weather vegetable is a constant presence on menus worldwide due to its culinary friendliness, satisfying crunch, and mild flavor. Take a page out’ve your scallion’s book and try these dishes from Shanghai to Sparta!

Cong you bing

Better known as scallion pancakes stateside, the Chinese favorite is like the savory, flaky cousin of western pancakes. Interestingly enough, this dish is made with dough instead of batter, giving it a more flatbread like consistency. Though you may be tempted to exclusively serve cong you bing at breakfast, we’d recommend trying it out for other meals too; as they’re perfect tortilla substitutes for asian inspired burritos!

Negima Yakitori

Japanese street food. Need we say more? Yakitori is essentially Japan’s take on grilled chicken skewers, but it can reach heavenly places when paired with grilled, teriyaki-coated negi (scallions). Best of all, this dish can be fancy as you want it to be, working equally well in fast casual and fine dining.

  • Pro Tip: For truly authentic yakitori, be sure to use chicken thighs to make your meat as juicy and tender as possible.

Pa Muchim

Fans of non-traditional salads will be right at home with this extremely popular Korean favorite. Simply translated as “scallion salad,” pa muchim is prepared in a number of ways, but most commonly involves tossing julienned scallions in a mixture of sesame seeds, sesame oil, and gochugaru (Korean red chili flakes). If you don’t have gochugaru on hand, you can substitute cayenne pepper flakes, but be aware that your dish will be noticeably spicier.

French Mushroom and Scallion Soup

A good soup should always be in a chef’s arsenal. That’s why we’re big fans of this French comfort food, which works with the slightly unusual pairing of scallions and mushrooms while remaining low cost and more importantly, quick to prepare. Sauté your scallions beforehand for best results and don’t forget the wine!

  • Pro Tip: Not sure which mushrooms to use? We’d recommend creminis for their delicate texture and lovable flavor.


For an quick, no-fuss accompaniment to a rich main course, there are few better options than this classic greek salad. Often used as a palate cleanser throughout the country, this dish works best with the simple combination of lettuce, scallions, and a citrus vinaigrette. Salt and pepper is crucial here too, as it helps add flavor without overpowering the rest of the ingredients.

  • Pro Tip: Looking to spice it up a bit? Consider adding dill and feta!