Quick Tips For A Better Thanksgiving Turkey

Is there anything more iconic in the food world than a Thanksgiving turkey? Having turkey on your menu is a guarantee for any restaurant that keeps their doors open on Thanksgiving day, but what can you do to stand out? Use these tips for a tantalizing turkey.

  • Don’t just automatically stick with the first bird you get your hands on. For a more flavorful turkey, consider sourcing a heritage breed turkey.
  • To ensure that your turkey stays nice and moist, soak it in a brine solution before cooking. We’d recommend expanding upon a traditional brine by adding fresh herbs, spices, or even a little honey!
  • If you’re planning on adding stuffing to your turkey, consider using unique ingredients like fennel, cranberries, or pears to spice things up!  
  • Rubbing your turkey with olive oil or melted clarified butter can help it cook more evenly, but stay away from whole butter; it can add an unpleasant spotting to your bird. 
  • Try roasting your turkey upside down. Seriously! Initially roasting your turkey upside down causes the natural juices to seep into other sections of the breast, but make sure to flip your turkey right side up after an hour or so. 
  • Make sure to rest (your turkey that is). The oven forces the juices from your turkey into the center, so resting allows them to redistribute throughout the turkey. Let your bird sit for 15-20 minutes once it’s finished cooking and you should be good to go.