Quick Cuts: The Fastest Way To Prep Mango

Mo’ mango, no problems. Serve up the tropical fruit with the utmost speed by using these tips and tricks. Your speed in the kitchen will only be outmatched by how quickly your customers ask for seconds.

  • Although peeling is traditionally done towards the end of the preparation process, we prefer doing it first in order to maximize output. Peel with the stem up for best results.
    • Pro tip: Wrap the mango in a paper towel or clean cloth while peeling to get a better grip.
  • Cut off 1/4 inch from the top and bottom and locate the pit. It should be near the most protruding part of the mango.
  • Make vertical cuts along the center of the mango. If you prefer smaller chunks, you can cut them into a criss cross pattern afterwards.
  • If you have any remaining fruit on the pit, feel free to trim closely along the pit with your paring knife.