Purple Rain: Eggplant Tips and Tricks

The creamy texture and rich, almost meat-like flavor of eggplant are enjoyed in cuisines worldwide. Eggplant can be tricky to prepare however, and improper cooking can tun people off to eggplant entirely. Follow these tips to ensure that your eggplant dish gets the treatment it deserves.

  • When selecting eggplant, size does matter! Smaller eggplants, such as the Chinese eggplant, tend to be sweeter than traditional globe eggplants. On the other hand, larger eggplants are better for highlighting eggplant-heavy dishes like eggplant parmesan.
  • Be sure to store your eggplant in the refrigerator! They should keep in the crisper for five days or so, but will quickly become bitter if stored any longer.
  • Salting your eggplant before cooking isn’t necessary, in fact it’s more of an urban myth than anything! This technique is supposed to limit bitterness and rid the eggplant of extra moisture. While eggplants may have needed something to combat bitterness at some point in time, the bitter flavor has been bred out of most varieties. Save some time and don’t bother salting your eggplant!
  • Not sure what to do with the skin? While it is totally edible and nutrient-rich, the skin of large eggplants can become a little tough after cooking, so keep this in mind. If you do decide to remove the skin, only do this before cooking, as long term air exposure will cause discoloration.