Purple Power: Health Benefits Of Eggplant

We need more eggplant in our lives. Too often is it a “special occasion” food. The relaxed flavor has made it a popular ingredient in dishes around the world, but the powerful nutritional value doesn’t often get the respect it deserves. Guilt-free meals have never been easier.

A Bold Base

The best nutritional profiles sit on a fantastic foundation, and eggplants are no exception. By combining a decent source of fiber and vitamins K and C with a low caloric content, eggplant is a nutrient-dense vegetable. This makes it a particularly good option to add heft to a meal without sacrificing nutritional value.

(Egg)plant Power

Eggplant is specifically potent for weight loss, as it’s full of nutrients that promote a healthy metabolism.  They’re also very low in calories in relation to their weight, due to high water and fiber content. This fills your stomach up faster, thereby preventing overeating.

Watching Your Sugar

Customers focused on finding low glycemic index foods will be happy to see eggplant on your menu. Its high fiber content helps regulate blood sugar levels, and it’s a good source of polyphenols; plant compounds that are believed to slow the rate of sugar absorption in the blood stream.

Awesome Antioxidants

Beyond its stellar nutritional profile, eggplant hides a secret weapon. The peels have an antioxidant known as nasunin, which is notable for promoting the growth of new blood vessels. Eggplant also contains the oxidization fighting compound cholorogenic acid!

  • Pro Tip:  As the peels of eggplant get more bitter with age, be sure to cook with young eggplants for a more enjoyable, healthy treat.

Get Cooking

Nutritional value would mean nothing if their food wasn’t enjoyable. One of the potentially strongest benefits of eggplants is its versatility. The purple vegetables can be prepared with most cooking methods. It’s equally delicious on the oven or the grill, so serve it up however you see fit!