Protect Ya Nec(tarine): 6 Spirits To Pair With Nectarines

Stone fruits and spirits go hand-in-hand. Nectarines are one of our most cherished partners because they pair the floral deliciousness of peaches with smooth skin and a juicier, sweeter fruit. Nectarines don’t stay exclusive either; they can be paired with a variety of different spirits to create sweet, sour, or even spicy cocktails! Build up your cocktail game with these popular pairings.


Loved by cocktail aficionados for its botanicals and easy drinkability, gin is a fantastic starting point to the nectarine cocktail game. Instead of rocking a gin martini, we’d recommend taking inspiration from southern cuisine with a gin fizz! Combine gin, mint, ginger ale, and muddled nectarine for a soothing sipper that’ll make your customers yearn for porch swings and summer nights. 

Aperol and Prosecco

If you saw this combination and immediately thought of Italian spritz, you’ve earned a place in our hearts. This cocktail is one of the all-time summer greats, so adding a fruit with a peak summer season just makes sense. Grab some nectarines and throw them in the blender until you get a fine puree, then top with your standard spritz mixture.

  • Pro Tip: This drink can be prepared in large batches, so it’s a great drink if you need to host large events.


While whiskey sours naturally lean into the sour-side of things, we like to add a bit of sweetness by using some nectarine infused simple syrup! Just the simple addition of nectarines lightens and brightens the flavor profile of a whiskey sour without taking away the boozy kick. Be sure to save a few slices to garnish the rim!


In our opinion, rum may be one of the most versatile spirits out there. Although often used for tiki drinks, rum plays well with fruits beyond the tropics. For an interesting take on the classic mojito, we like adding chili powder and nectarine slices into the drink to bring a contrast of spicy and sweet flavors.


We couldn’t get through a list of amazing cocktails without mentioning a martini. Beautifully elegant and simple, a nectarine vodka martini is a great option for the classy drinker. As a bonus, nectarine juice will give your martini an aesthetically pleasing orange hue!


Although traditionally a whiskey drink, añejo tequila is a solid substitution for an old-fashioned. The quality of your tequila is essential here, as the aging process in añejo tequila helps bring a greater depth of flavor into the entire cocktail. Aside from the spirit substitution, try working with common ingredients like simple syrup and bitters before muddling fresh nectarine slices.