Produce Box Direct: Fresh Produce Curbside Pick-Up During Covid-19

Looking to keep healthy while practicing social distancing? Produce Box Direct is a great way to keep fresh produce on the table – without compromising your immune system at the grocery store.

Many of the PRO*ACT distributors are bringing fresh produce to their communities in a way that limits exposure during a time of social distancing. One box full of produce can feed a family of four for up to one week, and contain fresh, fruits and veggies high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber for a healthy, flavorful meal! To order is simple:

1. Select a box

We offer fruit and vegetable boxes at select locations.

2. Find Your Location

Search by zip code, state, or city to check local pickup options. Enter a day and time for pickup.

3. Pick-up your box

Call or text the location when you arrive. Your fresh produce boxes will be delivered right to your car.

Donate a Box

ProduceBoxDirect also allows users the option to donate a box of fresh produce to those in need. Our partners are working daily with charitable organizations to bring fresh produce boxes to those in need. By supporting the donation of a box, you are helping hospital staff, food banks, and under-served people in your community, one produce box at a time.

Each box that is donated will be delivered directly to a community member in need. Sponsor a box for at-risk members of your community along with your order at

Don’t see your location? Check out our local fresh produce box programs with our distributors: