Potato Tips Worth Rooting For

The blank canvas of the culinary world, potatoes can be successfully crafted into more textures than any other vegetable. Whether you’re flexing your culinary muscle by cooking some eye-catching hasselback potatoes or making mashed potatoes that grandma would be proud of, look to these preparation tips to get started on the right foot.

  • Start by sorting through your potatoes. Fresh ones will be firm with no give, be clear of cuts and blemishes, and smell faintly of soil.
    • If a potato is sprouting, use it immediately. It’s still safe to eat, but is on its way out. Slice out the sprout and proceed as usual.
  • Did you know that the green spots on potatoes can actually be harmful if consumed in large quantities? Grown underground, potatoes produce a compound called solanine when they’re prematurely exposed to the sun. This compound is known to cause all sorts of nasty stomach issues in humans.
  • Always wash potatoes before use. Lukewarm water is ideal!
  • Some potatoes are better suited for specific cooking methods than others. As a general rule, choose starchy potatoes for frying and baking, and waxy potatoes for steaming and boiling.
    • Can’t decide if you want to keep the skin on? Including the skin gives the full health benefits a potato can offer, but does slightly alter texture.