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Poke Doke: Our Favorite Fruits and Veggies For Poke Bowls - Colorful Plates
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Poke Doke: Our Favorite Fruits and Veggies For Poke Bowls

Even though poke hails from the great state of Hawaii, no poke bowl is an island. While it’s true that a good poke bowl thrives off of the quality of its fish, the trendy favorite is significantly enhanced by a variety of fruits and vegetables that help create a stronger flavor profile while still keeping it light yet filling. Our perfect poke is by definition a colorful plate (or bowl rather) filled with choice favorites that keep it delicious, nutritious and aesthetically pleasing. Consider using some of these picks to impress even the pickiest foodie.


The one fruit that could easily go toe-to-toe for the title of trendiest food, avocados are a crucial addition to any poke bowl. Their creamy, dense flesh is a great comrade to tender tuna or salmon sashimi and it can take your nutritional profile to the next level. It’s integral that you choose only the best avocados for your bowl however, so check out our guide if you’re not sure if your avocados are fully ripe. 

  • Pro Tip: For a poke-centric take on the classic California roll, try incorporating cucumber slices or green onion alongside avocado!


A type of soybean with historic roots in Japanese and Chinese cuisine, edamame can bring a gentle, buttery flavor that can help tamper down and round out more powerful flavors in your poke bowl. If you plan on using wasabi or a spicy mayo sauce, this is the topping for you. Be sure to shell your edamame before adding though, the casing is generally considered to be inedible.  


There’s a long running history of using radishes in Asian cuisine, so naturally they fit right in with the Asian-leaning flavors of a good poke bowl. While standard daikon radishes may be your first thought, we prefer using the purpled-hued watermelon radish for a crisp, mildly sweet spin on a classic.


The sweetest item on our list, mangoes can help keep your flavor profile from leaning too far into the salty or spicy categories. Mangoes have a strong foothold in Hawaiian culture too, as they’ve been grown on the islands since the early 1800’s! In terms of fish, spicy raw tuna is your best bet, as the sweet and spicy flavors compliment each other quite nicely.

  • Pro Tip: For a different take, try adding pureed mango into your poke sauce instead of using fresh slices!


While carrot slices add more crunch in a poke bowl than we generally enjoy, shaved carrot bits can prove to absolutely divine in most flavor profiles. They’re gentle enough in both flavor and texture to float just beneath the surface, but are great at soaking up excess sauce that lies at the bottom of your bowl. Best of all, you get a double dose of eyesight improving nutrients; carrots and fish respectively have beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids that have both been proven to promote healthy vision.

Pickled Ginger

A constant companion in sushi joints worldwide, pickled ginger actually helps cleanse your palate in between bites, therefore enhancing the flavor of your overall dish. Not sure if you want it to the bowl itself? No worries! Just serve it as a side and let your customers know about its palate cleansing abilities. When preparing, peel and pickle fresh ginger root in-house in order to control the balance of sweetness and tang.